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My Name is Danny (i guess you already know that ...) I'm originally from Israel
i live in Federal Heights Colorado for now.
And almost forgot i'm 31.

I'm working in Boulder at Mindspeed Technologies company that use to be called Conexant systems that use to be called Rockwell semiconductor that use to be called BrookTree that use to be called Base 2 don't remember more then that.

I am ASIC designer there , basically its chip design for the Internet infrastructure.

I got some interesting hobbies , at least i find them very interesting.

My Radio Control Airplanes & Helicopters.

RC cool stuff !

Windsurfing - didn't do that lately.

PC and computers : Games ,Flight Simulators ,and other related stuff
(cool links)..

Hi Fi systems :and Home theatre systems.

Sport Cars .

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50% is me, checking
how many visitors.
i'm not sure that i got enough digits here.