My first own design airplane.
I always had the desire to design a plane and fly it.
I drew it on a paper and then scratch build it by that plan.
it was my first foam wing so i built power supply and a bow.
It was design for Speed 400 motor.
At the begining it was too heavy together with heavy battery 8cell 600mA NiCd and heavy motor gear combination.
the gear ratio and the prop wherent fitted to the plane.
So i worked on it , reduced 3Oz by drilling holls and making the wing lighter
and change the power system.
LiPo 3 cell Kokam  and GWS timed motor s400 with gear.
The change was significent , the plane actually hovered.
Before the Diet
Battery Hatch
First take off after diet
batteey hangs on the plug\
after a roll. the hatch wasn't secure