Omega 1.8
Omega 1.8 Meter
Electric speed 400 15 degrees timed with Cosmotec planetary  4.5:1 gear
prop used 12x10 ,11x 8 and 13x8 with 3.3:1 gear
8 Cell Sanyo 600mA
2x HS-55 , 2x HS-60
RX Hitec 555
ESC Rondo 400

this glider and the current setup is  targeted for the Speed 400 category contests.
It's really good performer , but i have a problem flying it far away.
i'm not sure if it's the color or just the very thin wing.  
So basically it's pretty useless if i cannot fly it far....

I took it once to Israel and flew it there in a local S400 contest.
i used the gun case to carry it around and travel.
i had to modify the tail and make one side of the V removable.
I'm using Wal Mart Gun Case to travel with it , works great
Detailed view on the component
South Of Israel on vacation
Colorado Snow
Speed 400 and Rondo ESC
Modified tail ,enable travel
Hitec HS-55
Speed 400 Contest In Arusf Israel
Me and my Omega  article about the contest in Israeli RC magazine