Pike Superior
My first F3J glider. Unfortunatly i crashed it on the second contest. so all the pictures below are pictures that i found on the net.
This is the most amazing flying "machine" that i flew . It's one of those thins that you need to own one and fly one to uderstnad what i'm talking about.
The down side is the price. A new glider like this is between $1200 to $1500 and then you need 6 servos , rx and battery. So it's not cheap. But the worse part is if you crash it,  usually it's fatal. Not like Balsa planes that sometimes can be fixed or Helis that are easy to fix. On molded gliders fixing is pretty rare.

But like i said , the way they fly, so egracful and efficient , hard not to love them !
Mine used 2x HS 85 tail , 2 x HS 85MG ailerons , 2 X JR 368 digitals