Cermark F20
F20 front
F20 close up
F20 Back
F20 take off
F20 on a dive
F20 demage
Bad landing after the engine quitted
This bird has a real short  glide !!
This plane is fast ,
and the  noise ... i love it
On the ground it tracks  like on rails
F20 - 40 size  from Cermark - ARF.
Covererd with Ultracote . Engine OS 46FX with MAC's Tune Pipe.
Futaba PCM receiver, 5 servos.
Prop used 9x8 and 10x7.
The color is nice on the ground but it's a nightmare to see while flying.
It's easy to get disoriented - and can be dangerous with a fast plane !
but the bottom line : My favorie plane. I'll Definitely buy another one if....

Lately i used 9x6 and 9x7 props  and its screeming !!
I need to be careful not to dive on full throttle after about 5 minutes of flying
the tank is long and thin , and  a dead stick is guarantied if i will do that.
landing  this plane on a dead stick , is not desirable