Hirobo Eagle Freya
Here is my  Hirobo Freya 60.
I chose it after  learning that it's a real good heli ,
and not too expensive to buy and repair.
I'm flying it stock without any upgrades

built on OCT 20 01.

Engine : OS 61SX-WC
Muffler: Zimmerman
Radio:    Futaba 8U- PCM
Battery: Sanyo 2400mA
Gyro:     Futaba GY401
Servos:  cyclic/thrutle 9202, Collective 9204, Rudder Digital 9253
Blades:  Vblades
Dec 15 2003
Upgrades: OS 91SX       Delrin main Gear            EX main must
Muffler: Hatori SB 15   12T pinion Gear               EX radios Block
Blades: SB680               EX-WC landing gear       EX Slide Block
EX push pull                 Perry Pump
back view
LMH and Freya
Canopy view
mechanics and electronics
mechanics and electronics
mechanics right view
left machanics
side canopy
Both LMH and Freya ....:)
Belt driven tail
side view
Flying in any weather :)
Disorienting position
Is it going away ?
Collectiv before upgrade
Collectiv ater upgrade
First inverted hover attempts