LMH 110
Me hover
Me hover
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Right View
Left View
Servos receiver section
Hitec 555 + HS81 Servos
Cirrus MPG019 Micro Piezo Gyro
Fuel Tank 2 Oz
I use Norvel 35%
Battery Sanyo 600mA
- changed to 270ma
Engine Norvel .061 (1cc).
Muffler is throttle too .. :-)

lots of power -
This is the stock Gyro . Controling the tail rotor pitch directly.
LMH sunset ..
new yelow fin and canopy
new canopy close up
close up
The new look !
Boulder Colorado sunset
forward flight
nose in hover
nose in hover
Nose in Hover
Nose in Hover
Forward Flight
no Gyro on the tail anymore...
Piezo Gyro on the left
removed the stock mechanical Gyro.
Working much better now !
right close up
270mA battery
small and simple heli !
My first R/C Helicopter.
I find out that it's very good heli for training purpsases... and just flying around
Usually on a crash nothing happens and if there is a damage it's very cheap to fix ($5-$15).

I had the common engine problem (heating and no power). I tried lots of different ways to fix it.
But it worked well only after i replaced the engine.
I did good breake in : 3 tanks with a prop using Norvel 15% and only then instlalled it on the heli.
I'm using CoolPower 30% 3-4 shims flying great since then !

One more thing that change the heli behavior is a PIezo Gyro.
The stock Gyro was okay but not more then that.
The biggest difference that i notice when i moved to the piezo that i have much more tail control
The stock one was "stealing"  tail travel. with the new one i can fly it even in windy conditions
fun helicopter without the fear fact !