P51 Mustang
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front P51
P51 with my LMH heli
Heli and P51
I'm using OS 91FX on this airplane ,the plane was designed for 45-60 but here in Colorado we need the extra power because of the high altitude.
The plane fly good. Vertical flight is unlimited.
The engine start in one prop flip and its quiet too.

The airplane itself is not the stat of the art :-) its old lanier ARF plastic foam and ply. But the engine makes the difference.
I modified it to 2 servos in the wing.
Modified the landing gears to accept bigger prop. And reinforce the wing under the landing gears with plywood.
Radio - Futaba. 600mA Battery. 12oz fuel tank - 10%.
Prop - i used 13x10 , 11x10 ,12x8 fly the same with all of them - just great !
  Mid Air April 15 2001
missing some wing....
missing some wing....
Half aileron
Ryan STA with YS120 shot down ...
I had a mid air collision with a new Rian STA.
He lost his tail and crash immediatley. I lost part of the wing and more then half aileron. I struggled the plane but manage to land it.
Need to figure out how to fix this foam wing.

-fixed it - flown it - crashed it ...end of story :)
sad moment
Notice the hole in the runway !
When inverted up is down and dwon is up !